Our corporate culture is to manufacture high quality products at reasonable prices and provide excellent after sales services to all our clients.
Amecrown group has established five control centers In order to achieve and enhance this target : -
• Research & Development Centre
• Production Centre
• Quality Control Centre
• Marketing & Customer Service Centre
• Distribution Centre

R&D Centre

The centre gathers Amecrown's coffee experts and technical staff, who always travel abroad to keep themselves abreast with the latest technology. They bring home the latest technology and knowledge to train local staff and continuously enhance the quality of Amecrown products. Needless to say, the R&D Centre has laid a strong foundation for Amecrown to achieve what it has achieved today.

Production Centre

The centre only uses the materials strictly selected by Amecrown's R&D centre. In an effort to guarantee smooth production flow all year long, regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment and machines are conducted from time to time. The staff at the production centre are also given sufficient training to enhance their productivity and qualityof work.
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