CoffeeBoy 1903 Sdn Bhd

CoffeeBoy 1903 Sdn Bhd is the packaging company of Amecrown Group. Having received the food and beverage products from Amecrown Marketing, the CoffeeBoy 1903 team starts to work on the packaging procedure from setting the size of the packing, designing the pictures and contents to be printed on packaging surface and choosing appropriate packing materials. It is also CoffeeBoy 1903's responsibility to make sure that the packaging standard is up to par so that the Amecrown products can be packed nicely for the enjoyment of all Amecrown's customers. In other words, CoffeeBoy 1903's quality packaging is protecting the quality products of Amecrown.When it comes to the process of processing coffee powder, the main role which CoffeeBoy 1903 is playing in the Amecrown Group, CoffeeBoy 1903 is very strict and adheres to the international standard.

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