Amecrown Group— Meeting Your Needs for Various Coffee Tastes and Services

The Brief History
Established in 1999, the Amecrown Group is a technology-oriented group specialising in the development, production and marketing of coffee products of various tastes and series. In order to better serve its clients from all around the world, Amecrown provides one-stop solution which includes the services of original equipment manufacturer (OEM), packaging service and distribution service.

At the beginning stage of its establishment, Amecrown was selling Business-to-Consumer (B2C) products such as 3-in-1 cappuccino and chocolate products. Just two or three or so years into the business, Amecrown became an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and ventured into the segment of Business-to-Business (B2B). The effort of Amecrown to expand its business was being paid off when the Group saw its annual revenue skyrocketted some 300 percent from year 2000 to 2005.

To carry on with its marvellous performance and continue to provide more products for the consumers, Amecrown introduced Apache brand, which is now seen in famous hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide, among others, Mydin, Central Mart, Jusco and Tesco, as well as Carrefour and Giant in the future. Other than coffee, Amecrown Group also produces other beverages to cater the needs of the consumers. As an effort to expand its business, the Group plans to open cafes in the coming years.

Other than focusing on its business, the Group is also actively participating in charitable events to take on its corporate social responsibility (CSR). Donations have been made to help the development of National Kidney Foundation (NKF), orphan houses, old folk houses and schools.

With a revenue surge of more than 1100% from its establishment to 2010 under its belt, Amecrown vows to perform better to provide more products and services of even better quality to its customers and business partners.
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